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Expanding Global Opportunities
for the World’s Most Essential Industries

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods

Now more than ever, businesses in this industry are expected to adapt and innovate. But with our current economic reality, this is easier said than done.

The consumer packaged goods industry is at a crossroads.

Regardless of your product, if you’re facing the challenge of trying to grow (or even maintain) your market share while proving your value in unprecedented circumstances, we’ve got strategies to keep you connected to the consumer.

Green Energy

Renewable energy is a high-opportunity, low penetration market. Energy efficiency addresses the dual challenges of preserving energy resources while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We help you monetize energy efficiency by translating energy-efficient technologies into key financial metrics that are actionable to investors and familiar to customers.

Green Energy
Hospitality, Food & Beverage
Hospitality, Food & Beverage

TGG helps clients from startups to multinational FMCG companies establish, expand and optimize their food and beverage operations. Aside from the incredibly competitive online world, the hospitality, food & beverage industries have stricter regulations and operational limitations.

Our comprehensive internationalization approach covers the steps needed to ensure you’re prepared for the requirements to successfully grow in the long term.


Global competition, complex company structures, and emerging markets are challenging current business capabilities, especially for the manufacturing industry.

So how do you stop the decline, let alone gain market share?

TGG helps you create more effective sales and marketing strategies, develop efficient production and support processes, streamline overall costs, and manage working capital tightly to meet top and bottom-line expectations.

Retail Industry

New innovations, transformative cost reductions, strategic acquisitions, and international expansion are essential to sustainable growth for retail business.

Our experts have led countless health and beauty, apparel, and private-label organizations to stand out from competitors, reach new customers, identify opportunities for growth, and secure additional funding.

Social & Public Sector

Crisis management. Infrastructure data security. Large-scale, people-first policies and programs. The expectations of the public sector have changed drastically in recent years.

Our network of professionals from the public and private sectors provide you a breadth of perspectives to help you rise to the challenges presented by today’s global citizens.

Social & Public Sector
Sports & Entertainment Industry
Sports & Entertainment

The past two decades featured a dynamic shift in the sports and entertainment industry. Lines are blurring significantly between consumers and providers, rendering traditional business methods obsolete.

We see a future where S&E is disrupted even further. Our team helps your business stay relevant through operational efficiency, emerging technology, and strategic innovation.

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